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Biomedical research is forwarding the frontiers of science every day. Whether it is a single reagent or a widely applicable assay system, a component of biomedical research is the building of reagents. As we come to a greater understanding of the way genes interact and control our biology, we open new doors for research and therapy using molecular tools. Yet, a lack of access to affordable, well-characterized and analytically validated renewable affinity reagents with unique specificities/functions and supporting resources has been a major area of concern by the scientific community. To drive the development of a global resource of renewable affinity reagents (monoclonal antibodies) to cancer-associated targets for the research community, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched the Antibody Characterization Program. The goal of the program, which is part of the Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research, is to facilitate the production, characterization and distribution of these valuable reagents to the global community in order to support protein/peptide measurement and analysis efforts.

The Antibody Portal, serves as a gateway that provides visible access to a large number of reagents and accompanying characterization data to the research and industrial community. Antigens and antibodies are expressed, purified and characterized using standard operating procedures (SOPs), with all accompanying protocols and data made available to the public. For more information about these reagents and/or commercialization opportunities, please contact us at